Rasha Jay Muscle Memory

Songwriting Competition Winner: Rasha Jay December 2023

New Jersey based, Maryland born songwriter Rasha Jay has made a name for herself with her cross—genre alternative soul-rock hybrid. Muscle Memory is a soul-packed, moody, empowered, punchy and yet smooth listen that will win over indie alternative fans everywhere. Rasha’s talent for songwriting comes through, touching on innate and personal topics from boredom, reflection to self-esteem, and a genuine curiosity about humanity. With classic guitar rhythms and riffs, Rasha’s raw, non-autotuned, unshaken vocals linger over the melodies, offering a fresh take on every song.

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Rasha Jay Muscle Memory

Rasha Jay Muscle Memory

“I wrote my latest album, Muscle Memory, quickly once I sat down and said “GO” to myself. I simply wanted to return to what I’ve always done, writing what I want, no genres, just give my voice and my perception on humanity. I recorded all songs but one in California and that added to the often-relaxed vibe of the music. This is my first full project since 2019, and I felt like I had nothing to lose. From my open -ended questions on “Would You” to my conviction in “Enough”, these were all real thoughts I had, and I wanted to go down the hole of those thoughts.”






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